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Living Stones Academy is transforming hearts, minds, and communities. We have a unwavering commitment to becoming a school where all can learn, grow, and serve Jesus Christ.

Ways to get involved

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Join our Prayer Warriors

Join a group of dedicated prayer warriors who pray regularly for our students, staff and school community. We’ve seen firsthand how God responds to prayers for our school and would love for you to join us each Friday morning. 


Volunteering at Living Stones takes many forms, including tutoring, landscaping, library work, extra classroom help, and building maintenance. However you serve, know that your contribution directly helps children experience Christian education. 

Become a Business Sponsor

Your business can make a lasting, positive change in our neighborhood and school. Find out how other businesses are working with LSA and how you can help by reaching out to Eric Kas.

Stories of academic excellence

Safe and Courageous

As followers of Jesus we know we have a “trusted belayer” who holds us at all times. Psalm 46 assures us, “God is our refuge and strength.” Being confident that God will always hold us—as He did Joshua—we can step out in courage when life requires it.

Raising a family in community

Raising kids in community with teachers and other parents who are also following Jesus is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ.

Each One of Us is a Living Stone

This community cares deeply about inspiring, equipping, and empowering students to pursue the shalom of God’s kingdom. Together, we are being built into a place where God is dwelling.

July `23 Construction Update: Old Fill, Helical Piles and a Strong Foundation

Progress continues at the end of July as month two of construction is in the books. The work crews have been laying blocks, roughing in electrical, water supply and sewer - and you can see the two new classrooms taking form! A Significant Obstacle: Over the past month...

June `23 Construction Update

    Construction Update June, 24th 2023: We are at the end of the third week of construction! The work crews have been removing walls, excavating the ground, and laying the foundation for the new additions. For this first construction update, I would like to...

Responding to God’s invitation to wonder about the world

Teachers at Living Stones have long been pointing students to wonder at the natural world. This year, they have more support because of the science curriculum review.  Each year, Principal Liz Brown and the education committee review one subject in the curriculum,...

A community of prayer and love

Meet the Yang family. Namsik and Eun Yang have two children at LSA: Yeasol (3rd grade) Chansol (1st grade), and have been at LSA since 2016 when Yeasol was in preschool. We asked Eun to reflect on the blessing that LSA has been to their family. 

Seeing each child through God’s eyes

We know that each LSA student is made in God’s image and that our God makes no mistakes. But in a school setting, achievers are often celebrated and students that don’t quite fit in a box are labeled as problems to be fixed.

Inspiring kids to worship

Her job title is “worship coordinator,” but Shelli Fynewever’s real job is inspiring kids to find joy in worshipping their creator. She plans the weekly school-wide worship services, and also comes alongside teachers. She loves it when kids stop her in the hall and...

Our worship theme for the year: Living with Deep Hope

God put the word “restore” on Mary Cole’s heart. The preschool aid was praying with a group of teachers and staff, asking God to reveal a theme for Living Stones. “Restore” felt right for the 2021-2022 school year, a year where families and staff are still grappling...

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