Build lifelong foundations in kindergarten

What to expect in kindergarten:

  • Education which inspires creativity and wonder. Teachers make learning engaging and foster curiosity. 
  • Your child will be known and loved by their teacher. They will encourage your child to do their best — not compared to others but what is possible for your child.
  • Throughout each day, teachers intentionally remind your child to see themselves as deeply loved by God. They are encouraged bring that love to others.

Why Living Stones Academy? See for yourself

Meet the Head of School and the early childhood and kindergarten teachers. Peek inside our classrooms. Hear how your children will grow in this environment that’s shaped by God’s love for all people.

Starting off on the right foot

Imagine this: your child hangs their coat up in their school locker, high fives their teacher, and laughs with their friends. Each morning begins with center time followed by a class meeting to worship God, sing songs and share prayer requests.

Christmas Program

A deeply intentional place

Explore more about LSA and what makes us tick. See how our beliefs are integrated into the classroom and community.

Kids raking leaves

Equitable tuition model

Families from a variety of economic situations are able to choose Living Stones Academy because of our tuition model.

Staff in front of a brick school building

Academically supportive

Each child is unique, and we meet them where they are. In kindergarten, we see children grow in confidence as they discover themselves as a learner.

Meet the Kindergarten Staff

Kindergarten Teacher

Ella Genzink

Ella has an irrepressible passion for including students of all abilities and backgrounds. She is also humble, curious, and demonstrates genuine kindness to each person she meets. Through her words and actions, it is clear that Ella has a sincere love for God and her neighbor.

Ms Kelsey Merz

Kindergarten Teacher

Kelsey Merz

Kelsey has a special passion for students with disabilities, especially in the classroom, where she works toward creating an atmosphere where all students feel loved, safe, and encouraged. Her unique global perspective, committed and lively personality, and blend of heart and skills makes her an ideal fit for LSA.

Ms Kelsey Merz

Ways to connect

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Meet the staff, get your nitty gritty questions answered, and even hear from student ambassadors on your tour.

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Apply for admission

Applications are now available for the 2023-2024 school year. It's easiest to complete the application on a computer, not a phone.

Academic support available for students

By Lauren Buffum, Educational Support Services Director At Living Stones Academy we believe that every child is made in God’s image. Consequently, one of our main responsibilities as educators is to affirm their dignity and worth, and to come alongside each student to...

School dog welcomes students each day

Meet Baltic. He’s a four-year-old goldendoodle that has an important job at Living Stones. He is at school every school day all day and students are welcome to pet and interact with him. Research has shown many positive benefits to having a dog in school, including...

9 ways LSA equips students to flourish

By Rev. Aaron Winkle, Head of School  Our heartbeat is to welcome all. Making LSA accessible through our sliding fee scale for tuition is just the first step. We are also committed supporting all students to flourish in their learning.  Here are nine ways that we...

What does it mean to be “unwaveringly Christ-Centered”?

By Rev. Aaron Winkle, head of school When I introduce someone to Living Stones I begin by stating we are “unwaveringly Christ-centered.” I start there, because above everything else, we are a Christian learning community. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means...

Learning to love what God loves

How do we learn to love what God loves? Offering ourselves in worship is one way our hearts are shaped. Here’s a glimpse of what worship looks like at Living Stones. It’s Wednesday morning at Living Stones. At 8:00 a.m., the halls fill with with boisterous students,...