Seeing each child through God’s eyes

By Aaron Winkle, Head of School

If you spend time with any of our staff, you’ll learn that each has a why—a deep reason that God has given them to do the work that they do. It’s not just a job, it’s a calling. 

These “whys” are all unique and come with fantastic stories of God’s work. When I think about a common purpose that ties us all together, I think about the desire God has placed on our hearts to see every child through His eyes.

We know that each LSA student is made in God’s image and that our God makes no mistakes. But in a school setting, achievers are often celebrated and students that don’t quite fit in a box are labeled as problems to be fixed. It grieves us that many children absorb negative messages about their identity at school. 

LSA is a different kind of school. Sometimes I call it a “peculiar” kind of school. When our staff see a child who is struggling with their emotions, we don’t see a behavior problem to be fixed. We see a child with God-given worth and dignity. We see a child worthy of love. 

Our staff have worked relentlessly—especially in the last two years—to care for our students. There have been many long days and prayers as our staff walks alongside families in this important work. 

I’m encouraged by my conversations with parents of LSA graduates. I hear time and time again how well prepared their students were academically, spiritually, and socially. I can’t help but believe that this is because they’re secure and confident in who they are in Christ because they were so well loved and taught by our staff.

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