A community of prayer and love

Meet the Yang family. Namsik and Eun Yang have two children at LSA: Yeasol (3rd grade) Chansol (1st grade), and have been at LSA since 2016 when Yeasol was in preschool. We asked Eun to reflect on the blessing that LSA has been to their family. 

When you were looking for a school, why did you choose LSA?

We were looking for a Christian school with a good number of students – not too big or too small — and where students could grow academically and learn about God and His Word. Whenever we visited LSA, there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere. We also appreciate LSA’s income-based tuition that we can afford. 

How have teachers encouraged your children to grow academically?

Whenever I ask teachers for academic support or advice, they’re always listening and willing to help. They also give countless words of encouragement for my children!

How has LSA come alongside your family?

We are a family in some unique situations. We are from South Korea, and our entire families live in South Korea. My husband is a student at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary. We are also a family with health concerns. We had planned to return to Korea in 2017, but God had a different plan. We decided to stay longer in the States for the sake of our youngest son, Minsol, who was born with serious heart conditions in 2017. He had to undergo many procedures and four open-heart surgeries. Also, Yeasol had brain surgery two years ago. Along with our seminary and church community, LSA and LSA families have been such a huge blessing. We want to extend our gratitude for the outpouring of love, prayer, and support when we were in and out of the hospitals – help with meals and rides, cards and drawings, texts, emails, and more. The outreach from students, staff, and other LSA parents and families has provided much encouragement.  

How would you describe the community in a few words?

LSA is a community of prayer and love.  



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