Inclusion is a big word for love

The layers of inclusion at LSA:

  • Living Stones was founded to be a diverse community. God led a  group of parents to start a school inspired by Revelation 7:9. Living Stones strives to be a place where people from every nation, tribe, and tongue can worship together.
  • Teachers that celebrate each student. Teachers believe that all students have something valuable to share, so they give value to everyone’s voice.
  • Staff who actively work to be anti-racist. In addition to diversity training, staff are committed to lifelong learning. Staff meet each month to look for ways that racism affects us as individuals and as a community.

Reflecting God’s creativity

Revelation 7:9 is a beautiful picture that we meditate on often. It’s a vision of many people from every nation, tribe, and nation gathered together to worship our God. Our community strives to worship God in that same way.

kids outside painting

Actively Anti-Racist

This community art project reminded us that we are “Called to Stand” for what is right. Children worked together to create this “Justice Box.”

a family of 4 with two young boys

Global Focus

Families from all over the world are attracted to Living Stones—and we get to learn together.

young girl showing the paper dragon she made

Beloved celebrations

Students at LSA look forward to special days like Lunar New Year, where they dress in red, eat Asian food, and learn about Asian history. We also celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day with special food and events.

This family ran out of options

Ruby’s family had been turned away by other schools. But when we met Ruby, we didn’t see a problem, we saw a child of God. Hear how this one student transformed her classmates and school forever.

Raising a family in community

Raising kids in community with teachers and other parents who are also following Jesus is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ.

A community of prayer and love

Meet the Yang family. Namsik and Eun Yang have two children at LSA: Yeasol (3rd grade) Chansol (1st grade), and have been at LSA since 2016 when Yeasol was in preschool. We asked Eun to reflect on the blessing that LSA has been to their family. 

Seeing each child through God’s eyes

We know that each LSA student is made in God’s image and that our God makes no mistakes. But in a school setting, achievers are often celebrated and students that don’t quite fit in a box are labeled as problems to be fixed.

Inspiring kids to worship

Her job title is “worship coordinator,” but Shelli Fynewever’s real job is inspiring kids to find joy in worshipping their creator. She plans the weekly school-wide worship services, and also comes alongside teachers. She loves it when kids stop her in the hall and...

9 ways LSA equips students to flourish

By Rev. Aaron Winkle, Head of School  Our heartbeat is to welcome all. Making LSA accessible through our sliding fee scale for tuition is just the first step. We are also committed supporting all students to flourish in their learning.  Here are nine ways that we...

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