An Unintended Adventure

We have been blessed to be part of a community that has always offered and supported quality Christian education.  In fact, we have had wonderful neighborhood Christian schools in our city for so long that we almost took the privilege and blessing for granted.  Too often, we have to lose something to grasp fully its value.  Because of difficult economic and cultural challenges, many neighborhood Christian schools have had to close and continue to close.

Having personally experienced the incredible blessing of a relatively small Christian learning community, some parents wondered out loud if there was a way to keep this option available in their neighborhood.

And so the unintended adventure began to reclaim the privilege and blessing of having a community neighborhood school.  While Christ-followers all over this City, like many around the world, desire this in their own community, a group of parents and grandparents from the Southeast side of Grand Rapids dared to think out loud and explore a way of doing things differently.