About Our School

Living Stones Academy is an urban Christian school that started in 2010 with the belief that a Christ-centered education should be available for all who seek it. Since then, our community has grown to more than 140 preschool through sixth grade students.

Our school celebrates the rich diversity found in God’s wide world by welcoming students of all racial and economic backgrounds. In the 2015-2016 school year, 37% of our students are racial and ethnic minorities, and many represent cultures from around the world.

We approach learning with passion and energy. Our staff teach using common standards (common core for math and language arts, GLCES for social studies and math), and they also are our lead inquisitors and learners. Our students experience new insights about the world around them from adventurous field trips, learn from local experts in many fields, and immerse themselves in projects.

Above all, faith. We are united in our commitment to flourish as children of God. We pray our teaching grounds us in the Bible, and we also desire to be an example to our surrounding community, hoping to be a light to our city.

GROWing together… in community (2015-16 theme)

  • Grounded in the word of God
  • Relying on God
  • Offering our best
  • Watching God work in us and in others

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